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WHO WANTS TO BE A VILLIONAIRE?! Montpelier Villa is pleased to announce that the ‘Monty Villions Club’ is now open to all parents, players, managers, coaches, friends, pets and supporters of the club.

For an outlay of just £5 per month you secure your entry into the monthly draw with a chance to win cash prizes. The prize money will be 50% of the total pot raised and there will be three prizes awarded each month, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 50% of the money received goes in to the prize fund and the other 50% goes into the club’s new development pot, which is designed to help the club grow and reach its objectives of becoming more sustainable and offering more member benefits. You can also buy multiple entries ie £10 will secure you two entries.

The monthly amount will be payable by standing order, from your bank account directly into the Villa account in order to assist in the administration and to ensure there are no doubts as to who has paid. Please put a reference of your name and ‘MV’ after your payment. Once you’ve signed up, you will then be given a membership number, the same for each draw, a list of which will be held on the club website.

The committee will manage how the surplus funds will be invested and how the club will benefit from the funds generated. Our objective remains to become a high quality, inclusive football club that is at the heart of the local community offering football and member benefits for many people of all ages. All surplus funds will go towards helping us deliver this.

The results of each draw will be notified to individual members and posted on the Club website when drawn. Results will also be announced on our twitter and facebook pages & during the football season.

To register your interest, complete the form on this page and we’ll be in touch with your membership number and all the details.

Your support is much appreciated. Up the Villionaires!


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