Montpelier Villa is delighted to announce the introduction of new Football Fun sessions for five year olds, starting on April 14th 2018.

The sessions are part of a wide ranging plan for the club to establish a 'Villa DNA' from an early age that will take the players up to 18 years old and prepare them for the senior teams at county and intermediate levels.

"This feels like the next step in our evolution at Villa," said club founder, president and youth chair, Gary Pleece. "We already have our blue print for youth football for 7-12 years olds which has been written and implemented by Chris Day, now we are taking the whole thing back a couple of years and starting them earlier so we can bring them through into structured football knowing what it means to play for Montpelier Villa Youth both as a person and player."

The sessions will be run by Kevin Green, a Level 2 coach soon to be taking his UEFA B badges. Kevin has joined Villa from a period in Spain and Norway where he coached at professional academies for over six years. They will be held at Villa's sister site, The Manor in Kemptown and run from 10-11am.

"The sessions will be all about fun and contact with the ball," said Kevin. "In Spain, they like to get familiar with the ball from an early age and to be positive with their decision making. We are going to be teaching the children that football is fun when you feel comfortable with the ball and we will be focusing all on their development in the early sessions, as well as engaging them with fun, football related activities. I can't wait to get started with them!"

The sessions cost £5 each and run every Saturday during term time. For more information or to sign up for the courses, contact Gary on montyvillayouth@gmail.com