Villa Youth Coaching Summit 3, May 6th 2017

The third Montpelier Villa Youth coaching summit on May 6th 2017 at BACA proved to be another great success. It proved to be an excellent afternoon of discussion and practical delivery. The idea is that all youth coaches are offered full support from the club, in order to develop their own 'toolbox' of ideas that will hopefully help them to deliver  engaging, fun and useful session for their players.After some discussion around the benefits of using a Whole-Part-Whole practice, the coaches were asked how they could ensure transition would be integrated throughout - this was then planned into the arrival activity (two 4v3 mini court games) , the conditioning part (tic tac toe using bibs), the technical rondo possession games, and the main full court game at the end.

The coaches then observed the sessions being delivered by Chris Day, who challenged the players in the arrival games by switching the Futsal balls for tennis balls and smaller size 1 Futebol de Salao balls - players who scored were also allowed to leave their court and join the same team on the other court, ensuring the players had to work out how to deal with varying overloads and underloads.

The Tic Tac Toe game then followed, with players spilt into two teams racing to drop their teams colour bib into 9 large hoops to try to get three colours in a row. Chris explained such fun practices can allow for 'hidden' physical work around acceleration and change of direction linking into recovery runs needed in transition.

After some q&a with the players around their ideas of transition, the u10s were split into two 4v2 possession rondos, adding in an element of transition by having two small goals for the middle pair to score into on winning the ball. Again the technical work of coaches repetitively passing and receiving the ball is 'hidden' within a high tempo practice that young players love. 

The players were then given whiteboards to set up their teams formations for the 5v5 full court Futsal game, using small Soccerstarz football characters - Chris explained how visual aids like these can help in players engagement and understanding levels, and that allowing player ownership around sessions, develops players who can think for themselves on the football pitch and futsal court.

Overall a thought provoking afternoon, with Montpelier Villa Youth once again leading the way in youth coaching!