Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.......... That's better.

After four disappointments in a row, a triumph, of sorts. On what was surely the windiest day of the year, the mighty Villa 2s trotted out straight after the Villa 1s on pitch 5 up at our Falmer home, keen to avenge our defeat a couple of weeks earlier to a game Uckfield side. A minimal warm up and we were off, kicking into the hurricane in the first half, against a team who had made a number of changes to the team we had lost to. The half descended into one long case of deja vu, with Adam taking a goal kick, Kev heading it on, them pumping it back in and over the top, and Adam taking another kick. Repeat. Our midfield was working hard, with Paddy in particular having a fine game, despite having played for over an hour earlier in the day. Hero.

[caption id="attachment_1048" align="alignnone" width="280"]Paddy V Paddy V[/caption]

Pretty, it was not. But we had to concentrate hard and keep solid throughout the side, and we did this with relative ease. In fact we probably had the better chances in the first half on the break, though we were unable to make a breakthrough, and at half time we went in windswept but happy at 0-0.

Bill told us not to take anything for granted during the break. He praised our commitment and our hard work, but reminded us that we may have made it through the half, but we had won nothing yet. He also asked if anyone had a spare brolly.

[caption id="attachment_1049" align="alignnone" width="285"]Bill Clifford Bill Clifford[/caption]

The second half was a mixed affair. We had much more possession in their half of course, but we also didn't turn the screw as much as perhaps we should. However, a lovely delivery from a Nnamdi corner was met with a great little run by Paddy who finished coolly from six yards. One-nil Villa. We sat back a little after that, perhaps a bit nervous after the last few results, and we were lucky not to let them draw level when they spanked one over from about ten yards after a break and cross in from the right.

But we held on in the end, and at last we notched another victory. Cue relieved faces. It was actually a close game in the end, and definitely not one for the purists. Or the spectators. Sorry, Bill. You deserve a medal.

Scorer: Paddy

MOTM: Paddy