On a decidedly misty morning up on  the Downs at Falmer,  Montpeilier Villa U8s arrived to play their final league game of 2014.

Coldean boys came out all guns blazing with skilled displays of speed and fancy footwork but the Villa defence kept most attempts at bay. The Villains made valiant attempts with passing play but some what like current form at the Amex we lacked finish in front of goal! Holes in defence left by an over zealous attacking style led to Coldean sneaking a win out of both teams in the first half.

Second half of both games saw renewed ambition with shored up defence led once again by Spike, Calum and Kai. Rhys’s speed down the right wing was a sight to behold and left the Coldean defenders wanting.

With precision passes from goalkeeper to striker MV delivered a resounding attack on Coldean with 5 spectacular goals for one team and 2 for the other.  We had the dribbling display of George I likened to Ricky Villa circa 1981 and powerful shots from Thomas, Rhys, and Stanley. A great end to the year bring on 2015!