Two reports in one, and sadly it doesn't make for joyful reading for the avid Villan. Two defeats for the mighty 2s, two below-par performances. First up was East Grinstead United, who, despite having beaten us earlier in the season, had struggled for points in recent times and languished near the bottom of the table, albeit having played less games than others. Having not played for three weeks we started off rusty and didn't get much better throughout. A first half break through the middle of our defences saw a ball to the right and their winger through on goal, and there was little stand-in keeper Andy B could do. 1-0 East Grinstead.

At half time, Bill let his feelings be known. A lazy performance, he told us, and he was right. It's all about the personal battles, he said. Give it 110% he suggested. He'd clearly been reading the handbook before the game. Unfortunately while our second half performance improved marginally we offered little threat to their goal, and so it was we played out a goalless second half. Bugger.

[caption id="attachment_1012" align="alignnone" width="150"]Bill Clifford. Bill Clifford.[/caption]

Seven days later we trotted up to Uckfield, telling ourselves to forget about last week, these things happen. We're better than that. And for about half an hour we were. 2-0 up against the bottom side and things were going well, the first a great header from Sam 'Smallest-man-on-the-pitch' Thomas after a juicy cross from Sean, the second a cool finish from Nnamdi past their stranded keeper.

[caption id="attachment_1013" align="alignnone" width="150"]Nnamdi2 Nnamdi Iyizoba.[/caption]

Did we take our foot off the gas? Were we complacent? Did the wonky pitch finally prove our downfall? Hard to say what went wrong, but Bill's half time words proved prophetic when he told us that it was not impossible that they could come back if we were not careful. Two breakaway goals and a hotly-disputed penalty awarded against our resident Aussie hardman Dave T gave them what was in the end a deserved victory. It's fair to say the dressing room was pretty flat after the game as we all reflected on a fairly dismal pair of performances. But form is temporary, class permanent, and we'll be back. A good turnout back at our beloved Round Georges lifted the spirits, particularly as we were able to congratulate the 3s on their 9-0 thumping of CCK in their game. We're a club, after all, and with the 1s also winning, overall the club won 13-3. Always look on the bright side of life.