Villa Under 8s vs Lewes Bridge Orange, 2 November 2014

At the risk of sounding boring I thought I'd start by mentioning the weather. After the warmest Halloween since they stopped burning witches, the faithful fans of Villa Under 8s were treated to a humdinger of a November gale as they headed up to the Downs.

Luckily the players from both sides were completely oblivious to it all and instead blew us away with a cockle-warming display of free flowing end-to-end football.

All four 'halves' were evenly matched, with Lewes playing some lovely football and Villa stringing together lots of silky passing moves. Both sides took the game by the scruff of the neck and really showed just how much fun football can be.

Goals came from lots of different Villa players - by my count there were at least 7 different names on the score sheet - and we also enjoyed some well-organised defending. And as well as flashes of individual inspiration it was especially encouraging to see goals put away at the end of passing moves.

The players are starting to look for passes now and it's great when it comes together, as it did with a goal that started with a save by our keeper - George I - and ended up in the back of the net courtesy of George B, with touches for every one of our players along the way.

Deciding the Men of the Match was, as ever, a tough call, especally without Maj's help, but once again Spike showed the value of his positional sense and dogged defending. He creates a sturdy platform on which his team can build their shape and is unflappable under pressure.

And although there were plenty of amazing goals from both sides it was great to see Alex get a couple, to round off a tireless display that must have covered every blade of grass on the pitch.