Fiveways 4 v Montpelier Villa 3s 2

Date: September 20, 2014

Venue: Braypool

No referee showed up so one of ours stood in, which wasn’t the best start – and they wonder why teams are leaving the league??

We played out of our skins with a very stripped back team with one sub and 4 newbies in uncertain roles and against top of the league with a really good goal tally (13 goals in 2 games). We matched them in many areas around the pitch and had to dig in a bit which meant a bit of a scrappy game, fighting to get some goals in order to prevent them running away with a lead.

Everyone stood up and made themselves count against, on average, a younger and fitter side, so all in all it was a decent effort against decent oppo. But it’s always hard to integrate new players and get the best results straight away, so we weren’t too despondent. On another day with a couple of subs and a bit more strength in the squad we could’ve given them a much better run for their money but all in all it was difficult to come off the pitch feeling down as everyone gave it 100%.
No ref meant Thomas stood in and in an attempt to play fair barely blew his whistle a fair bit! But in all fairness didn’t need to for most part of the game, as it was pretty fair from both teams.

MOM Paul Ledley